Years with Ondra prepared me for work with Ester Ledeckou, says Tomáš Bank

„If you have such talents as Ondra or Ester, you have nothing but to do for them. They can only spoil, „Tomáš Bank, 40, realizes.

With his brother Andrew he experienced his. Countless times he sat next to the hospital bed and informed his friends about his state of health. Sometimes he went around the ski manufacturer and asked for a new contract. Now there is a change, but perhaps not as crucial as he thought.

„Man’s work is a little more varied because Ondra was still the same.Even though we had to improvise often due to injuries, „recalls Tomáš Bank.

„I was surprised at Ester’s work. It is still changing for the board, „says an experienced coach.

Together they have already completed their summer training in Chile. Ledecká won the South American Cup and the coach told the Bank. „When we were here with Ondra and it was good, the season has always worked well.“

At the same time, Ledecka also knew more. „Ester is an athlete we have never seen before. She loves to train her and she likes a lot of workouts.If the sportsbook bonus skiers had added more to this, it would be more fun, „says Bank in exaggeration.

During the summer training, the coaching team of a 21-year-old racer managed to successfully combine both of its sports. Making a place for them in a busy race calendar can be a harder habit.

„We will have to respond to races during the season. It’s up to her first run in Lake Louise, Canada.At the same time, her snowboard does not have to suffer, too, „Bank suspects.

His trustee does not want to compete in the Pchongjiang 2018 Korean Olympics in both disciplines.

„Ester should not be qualified to qualify, but we must not to make any mistake, „the Bank notes, who also revealed that the World Championship in Swietokrzyskie will be the culmination of the skiing season of Ledecká.

„Her mentality is such that she can handle everything in the world. It’s the absolute pioneer of this double combination.So we’ll see how far we can handle it, „says the coach.


Tomáš Bank, who also works as Czech Chef representation, is also looking forward to working with his brother Ondrej. On the slope, they do not meet in the roles of the coach and the coach. They will now stand on the same side of the barricade.

„In matters such as speed and footprint, Ondra should be very helpful as a counselor,“ he said. „We have the same opinion on skiing.It should not happen that my brother is saying something bookmakers comparison other than me. “

The older brother of the Banks will have more time to devote themselves to the young hope and at the same time to Kryštof Krýzl, who is expecting Ondrej Banka will replace the results on the slopes.

„In training, Kryštof used to be better than Ondra, but he can not sell it in the race. It can be replaced by skiing, but it is also about whether it can break the psychic block in the head, „the Bank believes.

The Czech editor adds other names.

„The young Honza Zabystřan is definitely the best Czech skier in his category.It can very quickly jump into the World Cup, but it must improve slippage, „says the 18-year-old’s representative. „Ondra at his age did not have any slippage,“ he adds.

One more change is waiting for the brothers of Banka. In the past, they tried to persuade Jan Hudec to move to the Czech representation. Thirty-five-year-old rider, however, has moved from the Canadian to the Czech after the end of Ondra’s active career.

„This will be a great help for young boys. He is very communicative and fair, so he can help them a lot, „Bank says.

But we must not forget about the performance page. „It depends on how it will be health and financial, because with some sponsors it has ended cooperation after moving from Canada.At the World Championships in Svatý Mořice he could have a good result. “

The three natives of Sumperk finally met. Everyone in a different role, but with the same goals. Move the Czech alpine skiing a little further…

Crystal Lupa 2016