I do not like the Spaniards to decide on the goals, Kouba said

It is not clear day before the entry of Spanish footballers into the European Championship with the Czech Republic. Coach Vicente Del Bosque has not yet determined whether to rely on veteran Iker Casillase, or to give Davide De Geo a chance for the first time in the big championship. And the Czech vicemander of Europe from 1996 and the current manager of the youth representations Petr Kouba do not care about his decision.

The 35-year-old Casillas is one of the symbols of the Spanish golden generation. He has won two European Championship titles even at the 2010 World Series of Poker. At the same time, however, his performance has fallen in recent years, leading to failure in the 2014 World Cup and exit Real Madrid to Porta.That’s why more and more fans are calling for a ten-year-old De Gee chance.

While the media have long favored De Geu, the situation has changed after a scandal broke out on Friday about his possible involvement in the case rape. Manchester United’s goalman denied everything, and Del Bosque said he was trusting, but the affair had to disrupt the goalkeeper’s concentration.

„I see it as a goalkeeper trainer, Casillas is a legend, he won everything he can But sometimes there will be a time when someone can grow up and now it’s a question of whether the time has already come or not.I do not really like this decision for the coach of the Spanish Nation, „said ČTK and Radiožurnál Kouba, who played for La Coruna in Spain.

Spain is in a similar situation to the Czech team Petra Čecha, who has been a clear leader for 14 years. „It will happen to us once. It will depend on whether Petr does not end his career alone, which he suggested a bit. But the time has not yet come. It will see how long it will be. There are two ways. Either he himself knows the time has come, and it ends. Or someone will have to tell him. Now there is no reason to do so. The question is whether it is yes to Spain, „added Kouba.

For De Geu, in addition to the affair, he is not even playing for a 0-1 win in the general match against Georgia.Tornike Okriašvili was shot in the open goal.

„I have a good season in Manchester, but what’s going on now is not going to affect me, I’m ready to catch, but it’s up to the coach. De Gea said the third goal of Spain is Sergio Rico, 22, from Seville, who has only captured 17 minutes in the preparation against South Korea. Casillas has 167 start-ups, making it a record-breaking championship. It is ranked sixth in the historical order, with the record being 184 starts by Egyptian Ahmed Hassan.