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The Berber and Kordula disputes will be resolved by the Supreme Court

The Spokesman of the Czech Football Association Vice-Chairman Romana Berbra and the former Chiefs of the Referee Commission Dagmar Damkova against former Judge Antonina Kordul will be dealt with by the Supreme Court. Berbr and Damk want an apology for Kordul due to statements in the media, lower court courts have previously Energybet decided that Kordula does not apologize. Berbr and Damk opposed this. Today, a similar dispute between Berbra and Damková continued in the Brno court against former referee Radka Kocian, the judge interrupted him in the decision of the Supreme Court.

Kordula in 2015, according to an appeal in some media, indicated that the judge did not actually deal with Damková, but her partner Berbr, who had no competence. Kocian again, in an open letter addressed to the then chairman of the FAČR Miroslav Pelta, supported Energybet another referee Libor Kovarik and indicated that Berbr was in his final position as a league referee in 2012.

In the case of Kordula, the Hodonin court ruled that he did not have to apologize because he appeared in the media for himself and his performance was cultivated and was not offensive. As the self-deputy Olga Houzvičková stated in the justification of last October’s judgment, we should be grateful for criticism, especially if it is cultivated. The ruling in September was confirmed by the Regional Court of Appeal. Berbr and Damk opposed this.

In the case of their dispute with Kocian, the verdict was Energybet live betting still not heard. Several dozen witnesses testified, but single-judge Irena Hladikova broke off today until the ruling of the Supreme Court in Kordul case, on the grounds that the courts should make a similar decision. The Supreme Court may bring the case back to hearing lower courts.

Kordula and Kocian are not alone, on whom Berbr and Damkova filed a lawsuit. After Libor Kovařík, who started the affair, they demand 800,000 crowns and an apology. Kovařík first appeared in the summer of 2015 with charges of Berber’s alleged Mafia practices.

Finally, some other judges joined. After Energybet another critic, former representative Ladislav Visek, Berbr and Damková want 100,000 crowns and an apology.