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Manchester United – Newcastle United 4:1

Initially, Old Trafford looked like a real drama, but in the end, the Red Devils easily came home to another routine home win when they played clearly Newcastle thanks to goalkeeper Martial, Smalling, Pogby and Lukaka.

He did not have a bad start at the game, he defended honestly and was not afraid to break into annoying counter-attacks by which he really fired the Betclic online betting promotions defense of Manchester. He had the first chance on the Lukaku kicker, who was pushing in front of his guard, but the steep ball directed only above. After a quarter-hour of play, Straky went into the lead line – it drew the ball on the right side of the Yedlin ball, then put it under the bows, where Gayle used the slip of Lindelofa and with the help of the ball he had to clear the ball behind the back of the Spanish goalie.

The home was a scuffle and did not know the advice of the disciplined block, they did not get into the chances and tried mostly the wings from the wings. With increasing pressure, however, the bugs grew, and after more than half an hour of play, it was compared. That’s what Pogba relaxed in the penalty area, with a fluffy curve reaching out to Martiala, who made the balloon uncomfortably into the net.

And, finally, the cabs did not leave behind the draw. At the set time, another Young was sent to sixteen, and Smalling relaxed on the back stick and did not give Elliot a chance to hit. Manchester United turned the score so lightly. Surprisingly, however, it could be compared to the half-time whistle. It was Hayden who was in a great position, but he Unibet online free bets could not finish the game just after the small lime when he only shot De Geu attentive.

The second half was then only under the direction of the home team. Although Newcastle was threatened by the goal, it was not just a chance, but rather a mid-distance attempt, and the offensive strike was also opening up for defending fast-breaks. One of these solved the trio of Lukaku – Rashford – Pogba and it was two goals lead. Lukaku found the exact center on Rashford’s back pole, which showed an extraordinary view, and the cold-blooded ball still headed in front of the empty goal to the running Pogba, who spiked his return with a shot.